There may be too many places to be at once to catch all the cool this year’s festival. This year’s GRAMMY Winners for Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album, Quetzal will headline the Levitt Pavilion Eclectic Stage. Indie American folk singer Joe Purdy will cap off the evening at The Gold Line Stage. The legendary Dave Alvin will hold court in the Carnegie Stage. Future chart-toppers Torches will light up the Emerging Artists stage, and all that’s all after having to choose from among dozens of acts at multiple venues throughout South Pasadena, starting at two o’clock.

Gold Line Stage

9:00pm Joe Purdy
8:45pm Brad Colerick
8:00pm Rogelio Mitchell
7:45pm Brad Colerick
6:45pm Mark Hatch & Group 5
6:30pm Brad Colerick
5:30pm Chauncey Bowers
5:15pm Brad Colerick
5:00pm Joe Davis
4:15pm Jude Johnstone
4:00pm Brad Colerick
3:00pm Incredible Heavies
2:15pm LA Children’s Orchestra

Levitt Pavilion Eclectic Stage

9:15pm Quetzal - 2013 GRAMMY Winners
8:45pm String Theory
7:45pm TIZER
7:15pm String Theory
6:15pm Kara Grainger
5:45pm String Theory
4:45pm South Pasadena Transit Authority
4:15pm String Theory
3:15pm Wilberta
2:00pm The Tim Gill All Stars

Emerging Artists Stage

8:00pm Torches
7:45pm DJ Conway
6:45pm Tapioca and the Flea
6:30pm DJ Conway
5:30pm Mt. Ossa
5:15pm DJ Conway
4:30pm LA Witch
4:15pm DJ Conway
3:30pm Jacaranda Red
3:15pm DJ Conway
2:30pm Phoebe Bridgers

Carnegie Stage
at the South Pasadena Public Library Community Room

8:15pm Dave Alvin
7:00pm Elliott Caine
6:15pm David Batt
5:15pm John Proulx
4:00pm Los Angeles Clarinet Choir


9:00pm Gary Stockdale
8:00pm Skylarks
6:30pm Milo
5:15pm Poets
4:00pm Tisa Adamson
3:15pm The Ringers
2:00pm Grondle

South Pasadena Music Center & Conservatory

6:00pm Aly Hasche
5:00pm Leave it Alone
4:00pm SPMCC Jazz Lab Band
2:00pm String Department Open House

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SATURDAY, MAY 2nd, 2015

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